FTTM Tools

$ 560.00

Fast-Time-to-Market (FTTM) Tools are designed to accelerate projects. 

  • Prioritize product portfolios in order to select the right projects to meet business goals
  • Balance resources (budget, risk, and resources) across project portfolios
  • Determine the right feature set at the time of introduction, that the customer most values (i.e the minimum viable product spec)
  • Make rapid technical decisions and trade-offs in order to maintain a fast schedule
  • Facilitate group consensus and participation, while not slowing down the project
  • Macro-plan projects based on an aligned team mission and agreed-upon milestones with clear defined outcomes
  • Identify critical schedule gaps from when a project is needed to when it realistically could be delivered, and then…
  • Close those schedule gaps through team participation and consensus-based problem solving
  • Continually refresh and breakdown schedules so they can be pulled-in by team members through a weekly participative iterative planning technique
  • Track project performance trends and forecast potential problems
  • Provide early warning of problems while there is time to make corrections
  • Finish on time with the right-product delivered to customers at the right-time
  • Understand the cost of delay and use it to generate urgency and make trade-offs during the life of the project

These outcomes are a result of Unique Methods + Tools = FTTM System; an integrated system designed to enable speed. The methods are based on best practices from a groundbreaking and ongoing study of Silicon Valley tech companies. FTTM Tools is presently in use/has been used by hundreds of clients on thousands of projects around the world. 

The tools in the integrated system consist of fastProject, decisionAccelerator, and cost-of-delay which sit as add-ins to Microsoft Office. They are designed to be easy to use and in the case of fastProject, greatly enhance the functionality of MSProject. 

The FTTM System can be used on single projects, multiple projects (a portfolio), and on massive billion dollar programs using advanced fastProject “macro-micro” features that enable multiple schedules and multiple users to integrate into a single program information system, all with client-based MSProject. 

This is a single seat perpetual user license. Download instructions will be sent to your email address once the order has been processed. If you require many licenses, please contact lateralworks for information on volume discounts.